This is the voicebank downloads page. Please note that all voicebanks are organized into two sections as follows:

In addition, voicebanks under each section are sorted according to importance, and contain respective samples and demos save for inactive voicebanks.

All main downloads are hosted on Google Drive, while mirror downloads are hosted on MEGA or other specified platforms. Since all downloads come in .rar archives, please use WinRAR to extract them.

If you have not downloaded UTAU yet, please consult this page, assuming you have already set your computer's locale to Japanese.

NOTE: New voicebanks are in the works, such as new updates. Some voicebanks may be replaced as a result.

Recording Equipment

Please note that voicebanks recorded from 2014 to 2016 were recorded with a laptop microphone. Voicebanks from 2017 and onwards are recorded with the Blue Snowball iCE microphone. Voicebanks recorded starting from December 2021 are recorded in a soundproof box.

UTAU Directory

Please click on an UTAU's profile image to access their voicebanks.

Main voicebank folders are marked as ☆, while append voicebank folders are marked as ★.

Fuwa Maria (不破マリア)

⠀Feminine-sounding bullish voice.
⠀Various voicebanks are available for download.

Fuwa Mario (不破マリオ)

⠀Masculine-sounding natural voice.
⠀Various voicebanks are available for download.

Junka Meteo (純化メテオ)

⠀Ambiguous youthful voice.
⠀Various voicebanks are available for download.

Suiden Zero (粋電ゼロ)

⠀Masculine-sounding nasal voice.
⠀Will be released in the future.